Frome Valley Walkway
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Regeneration & Management

Local people photographed a number of areas where improvements could be made to the riverside environment including regenerating neglected urban sites, renovating or replacing old structures & buildings and the management of bankside trees & vegetation. Some photographs demonstrated how the river was an inaccessible and uninviting place for people, particularly in some parts of Bristol where it is now culverted, fenced off and urbanised.

Photo Photo

< Overgrown river bed, Dodington Park

The river under flyover, Bromley Heath >

Photo Photo

< Old shelter, Eastville Park

Old boathouse, Eastville Park >

Photo Photo

< Neglected sports facilities, Riverside Park

Uninviting and unused space under M32, Eastville >

Photo Photo

< River Frome behind IKEA, Eastville

Mud deposits from surface run-off, Stapleton >