Frome Valley Walkway
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Places to visit

There are a number of places in the Frome Valley to visit which reflect the landscape, natural environment and history of the area. These include:


Eastville Park

Eastville Park is a large Victorian park with a range of facilities 2 miles north-east of Bristol city centre. It is a great place to relax surrounded by a spacious and diverse landscape. There is a large ornamental lake, tennis courts, bowling greens, children's play area, woodlands and wild flower meadows. You can walk along the lovely Frome Valley Walkway, which connects to other parks along the river including Snuff Mills and Oldbury Court Estate as well as the open, rolling countryside and villages of South Gloucestershire further beyond. There are now exciting and wide ranging new proposals to improve the park.

Getting there

Car park off Park Avenue
Buses 5, 17, 48 and 49.

For information about bookings for the bowling green, tennis courts and football pitches please call 0117 922 2789

Snuff Mill

Snuff Mills

Snuff Mills Park is located about 3 miles north east of Brisol, between Eastville Park and Oldbury Estate helping to form a continuous green corridor along the river. The park's name originates from the mill on the site, part of which still remains having been restored in the 1980s. The mill was used to grind corn rather than snuff and it is thought that ‘Snuff Mills’ originates from the nickname of the miller ‘Snuffy Jack’ whose smock was always covered in snuff. There are a number of Pennant Sandstone quarries in this part of the valley including the one behind the Mill.

There are a number of pleasant woodland and riverside walks in the park and a community garden. There is also a small privately run tea shop and snack bar at the entrance to the park on River View where there is a public car park. A pretty row of old, Victorian, quarryman’s cottages can be seen at the entrance to the park.

Getting there

Car parking on site or bus No. 5 from Bristol.

Stoke Park

Stoke Park

Stoke Park is a grade ll registered historic landscape, and is of value for its nature conservation and historical importance. The park consists of woodland, open fields and a number of ponds, and offers many fine views across Bristol. A number of important historical monuments are also present, including the obelisk on Star Hill. The park is commonly used by walkers, runners, cyclists and anglers, and makes an interesting detour from the nearby River Frome valley.

Getting there

5 minutes walk from Snuff Mills (above) or No 24 bus from Bristol.


Oldbury Court Estate

The original house no longer exists although the park is still known as 'Vassalls' after the last family who lived there. With winding drives and paths, glimpses of the river and the city through the trees, the Estate was designed by Humphry Repton for visitors to enjoy and admire the wonders of nature. You can wander the paths connecting other parks along the Frome such as Snuff Mills and Eastville Park.

The Estate is a great place to have a quiet walk and has some accessible paths for users of wheelchairs and pushchairs. You can walk along the river to the pretty village of Frenchay, which now forms part of a conservation area. There is also an orienteering path, and a short horse trail around the Estate.

Getting there

Buses No. 16 and 48a from Bristol.
Car parking can be found off Oldbury Court Road, Fishponds or at Snuff Mills (see above).
Football pitches are available for hire. Telephone 0117 922 2789 for details.Photo

Huckford Quarry

Huckford Quarry at Winterbourne Down in South Gloucestershire is located on the banks of the Frome. It originally provided stone for the main railway line between London and South Wales but there have not been any operations for over 65 years. Subsequently, the Quarry was designated a Local Nature Reserve by South Gloucestershire Council in 1993.

A visit to the quarry reveals many ferns, mosses and lichens growing on the steep rock walls and amongst the boulders. You may also find plant fossils in the quarry which fell into the muddy and silty rivers covering the area 300 million years. The woodlands around the edge of the quarry and along the river contain many native woodland flowers including Stitchwort, bluebells, violets, foxgloves, Yellow Archangel and Wood Anemone. Wild Strawberries can also be found.


Ridge Wood

Ridge Wood is an important woodland adjacent to the Frome Valley Walkway between Chipping Sodbury and Yate. The woodland supports a wide variety of plants, woodland flowers, trees and animals, and is a pleasant place to walk and relax. There are a number of paths through the woodland and some have recently been improved for public access. Ridge Wood dates back to the early development of both Chipping Sodbury and the adjacent Barnhill Quarry. It is now managed by South Gloucestershire Council, working in close partnership with the owners, Hanson Aggregates and a local residents group ‘Friends of Ridge Wood’.

You can pick up a free booklet about Ridge Wood from Chipping Sodbury Tourist Information Centre or by phoning: 01454 863725 or 0117 953 2141.

Getting there

You can easily walk to Ridge Wood via the Frome Valley Walkway or use the bus services running to Yate Shopping Centre and along Station Road or Greenways Road where there are stops close to Ridge Wood.